50FR and 25HTH

50FR and 25HTH are special production grades requiring higher minimum order quantities and lead time confirmation needed.


ALSYNITE 50FR, a fire retardant FRP which produces natural lighting for commercial and industrial premises. The polyester resin in 50FR allows compliance with various state building regulations at minimal additional costs. ALSYNITE 50FR is extremely versatile and can be supplied in almost all our fibreglass range. The 50FR resin system significantly improves weathering performance and best of all, may be specified in a variety of commercial applications without substantial increases in material costs. The 50FR sheet is pearl in color.


25 HTH

ALSYNITE 25HTH fire retardant resin system has been specifically formulated for industrial and commercial applications. The 25HTH sheet can be translucent or opaque in color. ALSYNITE 25HTH resin system incorporates a specific fire retardant formulation.


The ALSYNITE range of 50FR and 25HTH fire retardant resin systems can be applied to the full range of Alsynite profiles in line with standard weights. Typically, any of the Alsynite surface coating systems (ULTRA, ULTRA-Cool, and EVERLITE R74) is fully compatible with 50FR and 25HTH fire retardant resin systems. Special sheet sizes, profiles and colours can be produced, subject to commercial viability and pigment availability.